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100,000 Ukrainian children are expected to arrive in the UK after leaving their homes and loved ones. https://www.waterstones.com/booklist/2084860/marcia-rowlinson-story-books-for-ukrainian-children?fbclid=IwAR0qeSwr1jntmB3QlsPX07qzDzTOiRiTH9kvwPJKmkYKAN3gBksnY955QhU

Recommendations for Publishers

The following titles have not yet been published in English Who Grows in the Park? (Хто росте у парку) , Who Grows in the Garden? (Хто росте в саду), Who Grows in the Forest? (Хто росте в лісі) – By Kateryna Mikhalitsyna & Oksana Bula Why Nobody Strokes Hedgehogs (Почему ёжика никто не гладит), The Hedgehog and the Puzzle Gift (Ежик и подарочная путаница)… Continue reading Recommendations for Publishers