What We Read

This collaborative space houses a number of testimonials, detailing what Ukrainian people have read in their childhoods. If you would like to contribute, please follow this link: https://forms.microsoft.com/r/h23FHwZttW. Anonymous, 44, London: When I was growing up, I used to hear lots of folktales from my grandmother, and especially I liked Franko’s Koly She Zviri Hovoryly… Continue reading What We Read

Teacher Resources

100,000 Ukrainian children are expected to arrive in the UK after leaving their homes and loved ones. https://www.waterstones.com/booklist/2084860/marcia-rowlinson-story-books-for-ukrainian-children?fbclid=IwAR0qeSwr1jntmB3QlsPX07qzDzTOiRiTH9kvwPJKmkYKAN3gBksnY955QhU

Recommendations for Publishers

The following titles have not yet been published in English Who Grows in the Park? (Хто росте у парку) , Who Grows in the Garden? (Хто росте в саду), Who Grows in the Forest? (Хто росте в лісі) – By Kateryna Mikhalitsyna & Oksana Bula Why Nobody Strokes Hedgehogs (Почему ёжика никто не гладит), The Hedgehog and the Puzzle Gift (Ежик и подарочная путаница)… Continue reading Recommendations for Publishers